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Discover the Athletic Body Blueprint™ that guys over 40 are using to build a healthy, high performance body that looks, feels, and performs amongst the top 1% of guys over 40.  

What is Athletic After 40 and How Can It Help You?

Athletic After 40® is a world-renowned coaching company for guys over 40 who want to build an athletic body. A body that is exceptionally healthy, looks great, and performs amazing...for a lifetime

It was founded by Team USA Weightlifting Coach, 2x Cancer survivor, and 20 year professional health coach, Tony Bevilacqua who has developed some of the best athletes in the world and has positively impacted thousands of driven individuals along the way since 1999.

Athletic After 40  was designed specifically for guys over 40 who love living an active life but find themselves struggling with the "normal" decline that comes with aging.

Our clients want to get back their youthful energy, lose bodyfat that has accumulated over the years, and live a healthy life full of opportunity.

We do so by helping you install and master 3 key pillars of an amazing body:

Build a healthy, high-performance body that looks great


Build efficient & highly effective habits around your fitness that deliver superior strength and conditioning to take on all the amazing adventures that come your way.


Discover the simplest way to approach nutrition that will help you eliminate excess bodyfat and build a level of health that you carry with you for a lifetime.


Learn the essentials of sleep so you can live a high energy, super healthy life in a body that you love.

Can you relate?

You have tried many things to get build a body that you love and it feels like you're on a rollercoaster of results. You find yourself going all-in on a diet or exercise program only to get some results and then see everything disappear because the approach you took was unsustainable.

You feel like something is wrong with you - like you SHOULD be able to figure this out but have not found the formula yet.

You have great intentions and you know it's important. You simply want to find something that WORKS FOR YOU.

Or, perhaps you've been following a plan and have found that the results you're looking for are simply not showing up.

Even though you're doing the work and you are frustrated and know that you need a change to finally get the results you desperately want.

Maybe you're an athlete experiencing a decline in your performance and the way you are showing up to play. 

You feel your body changing....Bodyfat may be accumulating and you feel like you are slowing down.

You want to get things turned around, but you just know the best way to do it without having to spend hours in a gym or obsessing over diets and food labels.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then you’re not alone. And, we can probably help. We've done it THOUSANDS of times before with many of guys just like you.

The Truth about the world of health, fitness and nutrition

If you’re like most guys we work with, you know how important it is to take great care of yourself. However, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed when it comes to all the different information and conflicting methods surrounding health, fitness and nutrition. The truth is, that the information in the marketplace today confuses more than clarifies.  

Guys work with us because we provide a clear path forward. One that provides proven, sustainable strategies covering your nutrition, fitness, sleep and health. All this on top of world-class coaching to help you build a body that matches the amazing life you want to live.

The most successful guys are those that recognize that reaching out for help is oftentimes the best solution when working towards meaningful outcomes. They understand the value of a proven system that has been time tested and built upon a foundation of long term results.

And that’s why they turn to us.

Can This Work For You?

Discover our famous Athletic Body Blueprint™ that has helped hundreds of guys build their athletic body so they can live an incredible life in a body they love