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We believe in keeping things simple. 

How we work with our clients reflects that.

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I've been on a rollercoaster of results over the years and find myself on the decline as I get older. I can't seem to build a solid foundation that serves me for a lifetime

I have been living a healthful and active life for years, but find myself stuck and refuse to settle for decline.

The Athletic Body Blueprint

This is our foundational coaching program for anyone who wants to build a solid foundation of healthful habits.

The clients we serve in this program are well-intentioned, health conscious individuals who are seeking out a sustainable solution to looking and feeling great.

Most have been on a rollercoaster of results over the years and find themselves on a slow decline despite their many efforts. They simply struggle to find a sustainable solution to help them PERMANENTLY live a healthy, energetic life in a body they love.

This program is designed to address and clarify the most pressing questions everyone faces when it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition... 

How do I lose excess bodyfat?

How do I increase my energy?

How do I get healthy and stay healthy?

If you've ever wanted help learning and implementing simple and sustainable strategies around your fitness, nutrition, sleep, and stress management so that you can break free from the chaos and confusion in the marketplace today...

Well, that’s where AA40 comes in.

We help you by using our Athletic Body Blueprint. With this system you’ll finally have a foolproof way to escape the chaos and noise in the marketplace today so you can finally have a proven system that will serve you for a lifetime.

In the Athletic Body blueprint, we work with you very closely in a one-on-one style coaching relationship to help guide you every step of the way.

After 25 years of "in the trenches" experience, we understand that no two people are exactly the same and it's important to work together closely to figure out the best recipe for YOU to achieve maximum success. Most of our clients are served virtually, but we also serve clients 'in person' by travelling to you. 

In order to qualify to work with us in the AA40 program, you must:

  • Be unsatisfied with your current situation and determined to find a better way. 
  • Love living an active life, but find that you're body is declining as you get older.  
  • Be willing to make changes to your current habits that will help you turn things around
  • Be driven, determined, and self-confident
  • Be 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed
  • Be coachable and willing to do the work

The Optimized Athlete

The Optimized Athlete is for guys who have already adopted a “fit and healthy” lifestyle but have become stuck and possibly declining as they get older. 

These are usually guys who participate in competitive athletics or are self proclaimed "fitness savages" that are very driven and always strive for self improvement.

The aging process for these high achievers can often be tricky and will require new insights and deeper dives into performance nutrition, fitness, and recovery strategies.

The Optimized Athlete is designed to provide strategy, structure, and guidance on how to perform BETTER with age.  

This is for serious over 40 athletes who need to break through the persistent plateaus and struggles that oftentimes get blamed on "getting older"

We don't believe aging should ever be an excuse for being stuck and seek to uncover the blind spots where potential can always be found.

This is an advanced coaching program which is highly customized for you and includes time working with Tony both virtually AND in-person. 

In addition to being connected online 24/7, You will be invited to two in-person events per year at  "The Bunker" where you will work 1-on-1 with Tony and his team to dial in your essential movements, build your full-body strength and power so you can get BETTER with age while keeping your body injury free and in peak state. You will also have unlimited access to our team of professionals who have worked with some of the best athletes in the country. 

As great as the trainings and coaching are in the Optimized Athlete, the real value is in the power of the team. If you’re like many of our clients, it will feel like a 2nd family very quickly. You’ll finally have a team of professionals you can access anytime who get you and will go above and beyond to support you.

Work closely with Tony and his team to get the support, structure, and expertise you need to take your health and performance to the next level:

  • Learn and implement the various nutritional strategies that will rid your body of stubborn fat that may be slowing you down.
  • Become a master of movements that will allow you to build significant levels of strength, power and conditioning without worrying about silly injuries.
  • Get the support and guidance you need to overcome old, nagging orthopedic issues that may be holding you back from superior performance.
  • Get world class, customized programming that has been used to develop some of the strongest, fittest individuals in the world.
  • Unlimited access to Tony's team of world class coaches that will work with you on every detail of your health and performance journey.
  • In person coaching to help you master human movement and manage your strength and conditioning.
  • Doorstep delivery for all the tools and equipment needed for this journey. 
  • And More...