The 10 Core Tenets of Healthy Living After Age 40

Success leaves clues. It is a skill that is learnable, if you want it badly enough.

Here are the 10 principles that underpin the most successful guys we've helped over the years.

You Are Responsible For Your Health and Well Being

Successful guys don't sit around waiting for seal team 6 to swoop in and save them. Instead, they take their future into their own hands by adopting a "whatever it takes" attitude around the personal achievements that are most important to them.

It's only through extreme ownership and personal responsibility that permanent, lasting success comes through.  Cheerleaders, babysitters, and sympathizers on the journey are hindrances rather than helpers.



Being "Knowledgeable" About Health, Fitness and Nutrition Is Not Enough to Build Your Athletic Body.

Being smart and doing your homework on the internet isn’t enough to succeed when trying to achieve a superior level of health and fitness. We all know plenty of really smart people who are sitting on wasted potential.

Spending months on the internet collecting information only leads to confusion, analysis to paralysis, and wasted time and energy spent on the thousands of programs, pills, and potions that litter the marketplace today. 

The Simpler You Make The Process, The Easier it is to Achieve Sustainable Results

Successful people don’t like to overcomplicate things. However, when looking for solutions in the health, fitness and nutrition marketplace, they are presented with 2 categories of which to choose from - "Magic Pills" & "Crazy Complicated." 

And because successful people are smart - neither of these solutions resonate. They see the "magic pills" as BS and view the "overly complicated" solutions as a massive time suck away from the other things they love to do.

It's important to find, recognize and implement a solution that is simple, comprehensive and transformative. This is the holy grail to sustainable results. 



Your Success Is Determined By Your Daily Habits

Most programs are built and advertised to help people get one result in x amount of time. Headlines such as, "Lose 30# in 90 days" are rampant in the marketplace. And as a successful, goal oriented individual, these types of challenges are extremely enticing. 

Problem is, these programs only produce short term results. The "90 days" or less timeframe is generally the amount of time a reasonably driven person can maintain a high enough level of willpower to stay on course and get a result. After that timeframe, old habits come flooding back in and sabatoging the result.

By contrast, a healthy, fit, great looking body is built upon simple, daily habits that create predictable outcomes that last a lifetime.

The big shift most successful people have to make, if they want to escape the rollercoaster of results and get off the willpower wagon, is the decision to focus on the long game rather than the short game.  Being crazy successful in any area of your life requires a lifetime of high quality habits that allow you to make way more good decisions than bad decisions.

The More You Build Your Overall Health and Well being, The More Opportunities You Will Have to Squeeze Life's Lemon.

We believe that life is better for the people who are healthy, fit, and full of energy.  No other asset provides such life-altering opportunity yet we often trade this incredibly valuable part of our life for a successful career, family, and trying to fit in socially.

Being tired, overweight, and out of shape helps no one. Not you, not your family, not your coworkers. Living a healthy, fit lifestyle not only keeps your life full of opportunities , it gives you more capacity to contribute in even bigger ways to the ones you love.



Your Commitment To Your Health and Well Being  Can Be A Transformation Catalyst For The People You Care About Most.

Leading from the front is always the right thing to do. And it starts with a commitment to yourself. By committing to a healthy lifestyle, you send a strong message to the ones around you that will inspire and lead them in a similar direction.

It’s a lifestyle that people want to be around. One that they can be proud of and feel good about participating in. As you build yourself,  watch how it inspires your family and friends to follow.

We believe that you single handedly have the power to change other peoples lives just by your actions.

Long Term Success is Only Possible When You Have a Solid Foundation.

The Health, Fitness, Nutrition Game is stacked with thousands of tactics and strategies. Most of them are designed for quick, easy results without taking into consideration the most important part of a permanent transformation. Doing the internal work to lay the foundation for a successful, permanent transformation.

Anyone can lose 30#, but very few can keep it off.  Building a solid foundation that changes how you view yourself is critical for long term success. Identifying as a fat person will always bring about that reality, yet identifying as a person who is healthy and fit will allow you to view tactics and strategies from a different perspective. 



"Normal" is Not Good Enough

Low standards around health and wellness is the norm nowadays. Think about the the people you you run into in your life and the people you see in the world.

Most people are “okay” with being overweight and out of shape because it's "normal". Very few are lean, fit, and full of energy. But these are the people who really stick out when you see them. They are exceptional and have decided to not live by the low standards that are now more acceptable in the world today.

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t take much more effort to be exceptional. All it takes is a commitment to changing up a few habits each day. In fact, being just 1% better in a few key areas, can completely transform your life.

Personal Growth Follows Discomfort

You can only grow to the extent that you do. Other than overcoming a major health crisis and raising kids, being a lifelong, healthy, fit person is one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual/growth journeys you can take.

No doubt, the journey will be have it's ups and downs, successes and failures, celebrations and tears. It’s not for the faint of heart! That’s why many people fail in the long term. But the successful ones are the ones who have a never give up attitude and learn to handle the ups and downs with poise and confidence.  They embrace the challenges and are able to fall back on a solid foundation of good habits and a strong mindset.

You understand that to DO and HAVE what you want in life, you must first BE the type of person who is ready for it. To be the best version of yourself you must embrace and accept the challenges that will inevitable arise on the journey.



Surround Yourself With Success

No one succeeds on their own. No one.

All major achievements in life are accomplished by people, not by a person.

Doing things on your own will only take you so far. Then, you hit ceilings you can’t break through. And working harder only leads to burnout.

Successful practitioners seek guidance from mentors who’ve already “walked the path” and can show them how to avoid unnecessary landmines. They buy themselves speed by working with expert coaches who help time-compress their results by showing them proven ways to meet their goals.

They understand that a big dream requires a great team. They hire and build a team where everyone works in their genius and collectively reaches greater heights.

And they seek to be around others just like them because they realize that we become a reflection of our peer group. So they immerse themselves groups, masterminds, and communities that raise their standards, inspire them, and challenge them to grow.

They know they can’t succeed on their own. But with the right coaching, peer group, and team… they can accomplish anything.