Staying Young and Avoiding Silly Injuries Over 40

Have you ever avoided doing physical "stuff" because you thought...

"I'm no spring chicken anymore. I may hurt myself if I do that."

For me, that thought pops into my head every once in a while.

But then I quickly recognize it for what it REALLY is...just a silly thought.

A false alarm that occasionally takes up some space in my brain.

And I speculate it pops into my head because I hear so many other guys say those words.

But, for me, I know that...


I push the thought OUT of my mind and confidently carry on like I AM a spring chicken.

So why am I so carefree when it comes to my orthopedic health?

Well, it's because I've spent a lifetime...


βœ… Practicing great movement patterns

βœ… Building my strength

βœ… Building my horsepower

βœ… Building my endurance

And the work I've done, and continue to do, has inevitably given me a level of confidence that I think most guys my age think is crazy! (I'm 48 as of this writing)

People see me lifting heavy stuff from the floor and occasionally kicking up into a handstand and they usually say something like "Be careful!!! You're going to hurt yourself!"

But I know better...

You see, I've spent years in the "lab" (my label for gym) doing deadlifts, squats, standing presses, snatches, cleans, pull-ups, handstands, and more.

And the time I've invested in myself over the years is my secret weapon for staying young...and free from injuries.

And I'm living proof that it works!

I have NEVER had an orthopedic issue despite pushing myself very hard in all of those areas AND being VERY physical all my life. (correction - I did crack a part of my vertebrae a long time ago when practicing standing back flips - I don't recommend those, lol)

The point is...if you're willing to spend the time learning how to move your body well and then strengthening your movements, you too can build a highly capable, bulletproof body.

And with a bulletproof body, you can live a more carefree life while tackling physical challenges with a level of confidence that would rival most teenagers. 

So, if you're someone who finds that little voice inside your head telling you to...

"Take it're not as young as you used to be"...

And you're starting to believe it! 😱

It's time to start BUILDING yourself up.

I promise are capable of way more than what you may think.

And it all starts with the fundamentals.

I recommend hiring a coach to teach you how to move your body well.


Even if you have old injuries and/or flexibility issues, you CAN work through those things and get A LOT better.

Especially when you have the help of a skilled coach.

Then, once you are moving well, the FUN begins!!!

You can start building your strength, power, and endurance...safely.

And it's a lot of fun when you start to see your numbers go up.

And as a result, your confidence skyrockets!

It's one of the BEST ways to start turning back the clock on aging body.

And life is much more fun (and less restrictive) when you are physically capable of doing whatever you like.

And don't worry about the size of your muscles or the number of veins that are "popping" out of your forearms.

Leave those silly concerns for the bodybuilding world.

For us guys over 40, the only focus should be on how strong, powerful, and coordinated we can become.

Because THAT is how life is played.

And if you'd like to learn the ins and outs of how I help my clients, who are guys over 40, build their bodies for the sport of life, check out my FREE training that goes over the specific details. 


I look forward to seeing you there πŸ™‚


βœ… If you’re ready to take the next step in building an athletic body that looks, feels, and performs amazing, be sure to check out our free AA40 Training that has helped others find incredible success on their journey.


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