Fitness: A Measured Approach for Guys Over 40

Would you agree that The BEST way to determine success in anything is through measurement

But before we start measuring things, we need to know what the BEST measurements are.

And when it comes to fitness...this can be a bit tricky.

Mostly because there is no agreed upon measure of fitness.

Many assume the fittest guys are the great endurance athletes like Triathletes, runners, bikers, etc.

Some would argue that it's purely aesthetic...If you got abs you are "fit".

But for me, I always knew that fitness could only be measured through actual physical performance.

And that if you were a specialist (runner), you were likely missing out on some essential parts of what it means to be truly fit.

For example, a great endurance athlete severely lacks strength and power.

Conversely, super strong, powerful guys are generally very short on endurance.

And because I knew there was significant value in each of those areas, I knew there would be a lot of value in training up EVERYTHING rather than just specializing in one thing.

This is especially true if you're a guy over 40 who wants to live a HEALTHY life in a body that is truly ready for anything.

And because I have spent the majority of my adult life pushing my limits in all of these areas of fitness, I know just how valuable it is.

I have become a self-proclaimed master of nothing, but better than most in everything.

To sum this all up, to be a healthy, high-performance guy over 40, it's best to have a balance of great endurance, superior strength, and also be able to express high levels of power when needed (Power is a combo of strength & speed).

So then the question becomes...WHAT to do to develop those areas.

The approach I took was to look at the best in the world in each of these areas to learn what they do.

So I looked at the strongest humans in the world…

The Powerlifters

  • Powerlifters only use 3 exercises to become FULL BODY STRONG

Then, I looked at the most powerful humans in the world

 The Weightlifters

  • Weightlifters use 2 exercises to become POWERFUL

Credit: All Things Gym

And I looked at the athletes who have incredible endurance 

The Runners

  • I chose running because they have incredible endurance AND running has the most real-world application.

By studying these athletes and learning their methods, it has been like a secret weapon for me in developing my own body (and many others) into the healthy, high-performance machine that I am today.

And because I know the intricacies of what these athletes are doing and how they test their abilities, we can score ourselves using the same tests.

We can easily figure out someone's...

Strength Scores (SS)

Power Scores (PS)

Endurance Score (ES)

By adding these scores up, we get someone's Fitness Score (FS).

Strength Score (SS) + Power Score (PS) + Endurance Score (ES) = Fitness Score (FS)

And the goal of any guy over 40 who wants to be FIT should be to continuously level up in each of those areas as the years go by.

It also creates a focus for us when it comes to fitness.

For example, if we know our strength is lacking because our SS is low, we know exactly how to improve it.

This means Fitness is no longer just a "sweat & forget" activity.

Rather, fitness is something that can measurably be BUILT over time.

And as your score improves, you are hedging yourself away from the "normal" decline of aging. 

Want to see what the exact “TESTS” are to determine your scores?

Would you also like to track your progress over time?

AND, see how you rank against other guys over 40?

It’s why I created the first FREE software that you can access immediately to track your Fitness Score (FS) to see how you stack up to your over 40 brothers.

Join us on our quest to help guys over 40 redefine what it means to be truly FIT and inspire your brothers to level themselves up with your actions.

Here is the link to access the software FREE…


This software is for ANY GUY OVER 40 who is interested in being healthy and fit as they get older. 

Even if you know your fitness is not very good. This is an opportunity for you to measure…and start improving. We all have to start somewhere and we don’t want the software to just be populated with all badasses. We need everyone interested in health and fitness to submit data. If you don’t have a specific score to enter, simply leave it blank and come back once you get a score. 

And, you can also modify the numbers over time as you progress so you can see how your fitness improves over time.

Here is that link again…

See you there!

Tony Bevilacqua

Athletic After 40


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