How to Measure Your Fitness

If you're serious about your health (Which I know you are if you're reading this), there's a likely chance that you've done some measurements on yourself over the years.

Things like...

✅ Going to the doctor and having bloodwork done.

✅ Weighing yourself regularly

✅ Tracking the number of steps you take in a day

✅ Measuring your sleep

✅ Bodyfat measurements

...And more

These days, it's very easy to measure all kinds of different health-related markers.

But what about your fitness?

Fitness tends to be a bit more tricky because there are so many different elements of involved.

It begs the question,

"What does it even mean to be fit?"

🤔 Is it how fast you can run a marathon?

🤔 Is it how much ya bench? lol

🤔 Is it how flexible you are?

🤔 Is it your VO2 Max

🤔 Is it how lean you are?


These questions are similar to the questions the medical community had to answer when determining what tests to run on their patients to determine an acceptable level of health.

Unsurprisingly, they chose to use the MOST IMPORTANT tests that they felt would give the best indication of someone's health and well-being.

But surprisingly, the fitness industry has never done this kind of work.

There is no agreed-upon "fitness panel" for us to look at to determine someone's overall fitness.

And this is precisely why I have created UFit?

UFit? is a software that looks at the MOST IMPORTANT measures of fitness that would carry over BEST into someone's everyday life.

Because I believe that fitness should be based on a person's actual PERFORMANCE rather than just proxy numbers.

I've seen a lot of academic "experts" talk a lot about things like bodyweight, bodyfat, grip strength, sit and reach test, and VO2 Max as measures of someone's fitness.

But as an actual, "in the trenches" human performance coach for over 20 years, if someone came to me with those numbers and asked me what if I thought a person was fit...

I would honestly have no idea.

I know from experience that those numbers really don't say much about their performance.

And many of those things can be artificially augmented WITHOUT actually doing any work.

Even something like VO2 max is largely unhelpful when it comes to real-world performance.

Having a high V02 Max is more of an indication of potential rather than actual performance.

For example, Lance Armstrong was arguably the best Tour De France rider of all time, yet he did not have the best VO2 max.

It was his performance that got him medals...not his VO2 Max.

When determining the right tests to measure someone's fitness, we look at 3 areas.

It's important to understand that EACH of these areas of fitness is equally important for living a healthy, active, high-performance life.

So when measuring fitness, it's important to be proficient across the board.

Which would also mean that the specialists are NOT the fittest. 

For example, a marathon runner has significant levels of endurance but lacks strength and power.

A Powerlifter has ample amounts of strength but lacks endurance.

And if you're a guy over the age of 40 and you're living the specialist life,

It's those imbalances that can lead to various health and performance problems as the years tick away.

For example,

Runners are susceptible to silly orthopedic injuries because of their lack of adequate strength.

Weightlifters are at risk of cardiovascular disease and possibly weight gain because of their lack of endurance training.

But for the guys that have developed a balance in all 3 areas...

I'm talking about the 60-year-old guy who has a body that is ready for ANYTHING.

And they look like they're 46.


If you have not registered for a UFit? Account yet, get yourself registered now and start measuring your fitness.

And if you don't have a measurement for something, simply leave it blank and come back to it when you test.

It's not a problem.

And when you get done entering your information, you will have a crystal clear picture of where your strengths are...and also your weaknesses.

You'll be 100% Clear.

And clarity is GOOD 🙂

Also, check out the LEADERBOARD tab after you enter your info.

You can see how you rank against other guys around the country.

It's cool to see what is possible and what you can achieve when you are on the right track.

Oh yeah...did I also mention it's FREE!!

I look forward to seeing you there...

Here's the link...

Once you are in, shoot me an email and let me know what area you need to work on most. 

[email protected]

I will send you a resource to get you leveled up.

Your friend and coach...

Tony Bevilacqua


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